News The Caring Force rally goes “virtual”

The TCF’s annual physical State House rally, previously scheduled for April 16, will transform into a “virtual” rally this year.

Human services workers, clients and families will be given opportunities to email or call their representatives, and The Caring Force plans to make the incredible speakers’ stories available through email spotlights. The Caring Force also still plans to honor two legislators with Caring Bear awards for extraordinary service to the sector. More information and detailed plans will follow in the coming days and weeks.

Despite the change, The Caring Force views this as an opportunity. Normally, the in-person rally engages only 500 of the nearly 28,000 strong membership, as the State House has limited capacity. Now that the rally is a digital one, The Caring Force plans to engage thousands of members in their efforts.

Contact Ravi Simon at the Council with any questions.

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