News Providers’ Council submits testimony for six Chapter 257 hearings

The Providers’ Council attended and submitted testimony at six hearings today regarding Chapter 257 rate adjustments:

  • 101 CMR 415.00, Rates for Community-Based Day Support Services
  • 101 CMR 419.00, Rates for Supported Employment Services
  • 101 CMR 422.00, General Programs – Disability Services
  • 101 CMR 417.00, Rates for Certain Elder Care Services
  • 101 CMR 416.00, Rates for Clubhouse Services
  • 101 CMR 349.00, Rates for Early Intervention Program Services

The Council urged the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) to re-review rates and benchmark salaries for human services workers to the 75th percentile of the most recently available Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) state-specific data, as well as ensure a transparent rate-setting process moving forward.

The Council also asked that EOHHS evaluate how its cost adjustment factor is calculated and consider higher amounts for tax/fringe and administrative allocation.

“Unfortunately, the workforce crisis in our sector – and in our state and nation – has worsened significantly since we presented testimony in May,” wrote Council President and CEO Michael Weekes. “It is our hope that adequately funding these programs with our recommendation gives our providers the best opportunity to meet your mandates and serve the Commonwealth’s residents with quality services from a stable workforce.”

To view the full testimony, click here.

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