News Providers’ Council and other nonprofits groups ask state to use ARPA funding to offset UI burdens

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs, the Providers’ Council, and the Massachusetts Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs have asked state officials to utilize a portion of American Rescue Plan Act funding to offset the remaining unemployment insurance (UI) costs for nonprofit employers.

In a June 14 letter to Executive Office for Administration and Finance Secretary Michael J. Heffernan, the groups discussed the “staggering” UI bills faced by many nonprofits due to to the pandemic.

“Now that the legislature and Baker Administration have rectified the problems with the unemployment solvency fund for contributory employers, we ask that you turn your attention to the unprecedented and unexpected costs facing the nonprofit employers…In response to the pandemic crisis, our members were forced to choose between laying off or furloughing staff and providing necessary services to our community. Our members provided those services to keep children learning, elders cared for, and the community fed. Most of our members are still reporting revenue shortage and program cuts fifteen months since the pandemic began and since stepping up to serve the Commonwealth.”  Read the full letter here.


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