News Governor preserves $160m in Chapter 257 funding in revised budget

Governor Baker has introduced a revised House 2 budget proposal for FY ’21.

You can find the revised budget proposal at the Executive Office of Administration and Finance website.

The Council  pleased to see that Gov. Baker has included $160 million for Chapter 257 in the budget proposal. This was the same amount Gov. Baker proposed during his first House 2 budget proposal in January and before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Massachusetts.

At a press conference on Wednesday  to announce his revised budget proposal, Gov. Baker specifically referenced that human services funding and the work organizations had done, especially with difficult circumstances throughout 2020.

“This budget also includes $160 million to support Chapter 257 human service provider rate increases, which is a significant investment that reflects the important work done by these providers, especially during this pandemic,” Baker said.

The Governor also published a budget message on Wednesday, noting his new proposal “reflects new levels of demand for certain government services.” The full budget message is here.

The Providers’ Council is continuing our full review of the Governor’s revised House 2 budget proposal, but we wanted to share this good news with you immediately.

If you have other questions about the budget or concerns about particular line items, please contact Bill Yelenak.

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