News EMAC Hardship Waiver regulations posted

The Department of Unemployment Assistance has released its Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC) Supplement Hardship Waiver Regulations. According to the regulations, special consideration will be given to “employers that serve the public interest by providing human services or long-term care services and receive a significant share of revenues from governmental programs.”

However, organizations will have to show financial hardship. The regulation states that “Financial hardship requires a showing by the employer that it has acted in good faith in all its relations with the Department of Unemployment Assistance, certifies that it is current on all state taxes and assessments and can provide evidence of one or more of the following:

  1. The employer is unable to pay the EMAC Supplement because of financial hardship and failure to obtain a hardship waiver is likely to result in termination of the employer’s business or in substantial loss of employment
  2. your business has paid an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment and been assessed an EMAC Supplement in the same calendar year
  3. your business experienced a turnover rate of at least 300 percent over the most recent four quarters.”

You can read the complete regulation here, and download the hardship waiver application here. Waiver applications are due by Friday, October 12th.

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