News Council submits recommendations to DOL on overtime proposal

The Providers’ Council today submitted its recommendations to the Department of Labor (DOL) regarding its proposal to restore and extend overtime protections and update the Executive, Administrative and Professional Regulation.

The DOL’s overtime proposal, which was released in September in September, would:

  • Increase the FLSA regulations’ standard salary level from $684 per week ($35,568 per year) to $1,059 per week ($55,068 per year);
  • Increase the total annual compensation requirement for highly compensated employees from $107,432 per year to $143,988 per year;
  • Restore overtime protections for U.S. territories, ensuring workers in those territories where the FLSA minimum wage applies have the same overtime protections as other U.S. workers; and
  • Automatically update earnings thresholds every three years so they keep pace with changes in worker salaries, ensuring that employers could adapt more easily because they would know when salary updates would happen and how they would be calculated.

In response, the Council requested that the proposed amount of $55,068 be the absolute ceiling for increasing the overtime threshold, there be a phased-in approach from the current level to the proposed amount and the threshold should not automatically adjust every three years and instead go through a similar review process.

Click here to read the Council’s full recommendations.

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