News Council announces new training ‘Authentic Allyship: Celebrating Black History Month’

The Providers’ Council recently announced a new training that it will host on February 27, titled Authentic Allyship: Celebrating Black History Month.

During this training, attendees will learn about allyship and how they can be contributing, authentic allies in the racial justice movement, and promote justice within their organizations. They’ll take a deep dive into being trauma-informed, considering examples from modern media and their own experiences. At the end of their experience, attendees will have steps they can take for their own personal activism and find their place within the racial justice movement.

Specifically, participants will:

– Learn strategies for anti-racism that promote organizational change.

– Understand the concept of being trauma-informed and how to practice this at their organizations.

– Learn the difference between performative and authentic allyship, and how to practice authentic allyship.

For more information, please contact Nina Walat.

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