Matters Nonprofits across U.S. send letter on Johnson Amendment


Apr. 6 2017

Nearly 4,500 nonprofit organizations, including the Providers’ Council, signed on to the Community Letter drafted by the National Council of Nonprofits opposing changes to the Johnson Amendment, which through federal tax law protects the nonpartisanship of 501(c)(3) entities. Eliminating the current intent of the Johnson Amendment, the Providers’ Council and others believe, would blur the clear language that prevents tax-exempt organizations from engaging in partisan, election-related activities for or against candidates for public office.

In all, 146 Massachusetts nonprofits signed on to the letter and all 50 states were represented. The letter is posted online here. It was also delivered electronically to every congressional office with the help of the Council on Foundations. According to the National Council of Nonprofits, hard copies of the letter were being delivered to the House and Senate majority and minority leaders and the top two leaders of the tax committees, as well as staff for those two committees.

Thank you to our members across the state who joined us in signing on to this campaign.

The Providers’ Council also drafted its own letter to the Massachusetts Congressional delegation supporting the amendment and sent it in early March. You can read that letter here.