Matters Council submits testimony on hazard pay proposal

The Council supports this legislation in concept, but the Legislature must provide funding for it


Jun. 12 2020

The Providers’ Council on Friday, June 12 submitted testimony on House Bill 4745, An Act providing hazard pay for essential workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Council supports the legislation in concept; however, the proposal does raise several concerns around the funding of hazard pay and how it would create an unfunded mandate for human services organizations on purchase-of-service contracts if additional state funding does not accompany the legislation.

The Council’s full testimony is available here.

The Council stated: “We support this legislation in concept, but we insist the Legislature provide funding for it as community-based nonprofits cannot divert funding from their missions to increase pay.”

For questions about this legislation or the Council’s testimony, please contact Bill Yelenak.