Providers’ Council’s Members-Only Listservs

Interested in connecting with other agencies, sharing resources and collaborating with our membership network? Join one of our members-only listserv groups!

What is a listserv?

A listserv allows a large group of people to communicate with each other via one e-mail address. Listserv members send messages to this address that then send out to the entire group so that others can respond. Our listserv groups allow provider members to post questions, resources, and announcements relevant to the human services sector.

How many listservs does the Providers’ Council offer?

The Providers’ Council offers two free listserv groups for all member agencies:

  • Human Resources and Training Leaders Listserv: this is for training and human resources professionals at provider agencies to discuss professional development and HR practices. Share important resources, pose HR and staffing questions and collaborate with your fellow HR professionals! To join, e-mail Ann Schuler at
  • Providers’ eAcademy Listserv: this listserv is for staff of any member agency participating in the popular Providers’ eAcademy program. Ask important questions on best practices and share resources to improve your usage of the online learning management system (LMS). To join, e-mail Amanda Rheaume at

Once you request to join, a listserv invite will be sent to your e-mail (please check your spam if you can’t find it). To join the group, reply to this invitation. Moving forward, each e-mail you send to the listserv’s e-mail address will be sent to the entire group.

How do I post and reply?

Once you are subscribed, simply send a message to the group’s corresponding e-mail address to pose it to the group:

  • Human Resources and Training Leaders Listserv:
  • Providers’ eAcademy Listserv:

Your message will be sent to everyone subscribed to the listserv. To reply to a message, press “reply” as you would for a regular e-mail. Your reply will be sent to all members in the group.

Help! How can I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, reach out to your listserv’s administrator at any time and they’ll remove you from the list.


Please note: The Providers’ Council’s listservs are confidential conversations among our member organizations. Please do not forward, cut and paste, or otherwise share questions or responses – unless you are sending to colleagues within the network. Your understanding in this matter will help us to create a ‘safe space’ for colleagues to share openly. The Providers’ Council reserves the right to moderate all emails, delete postings and remove subscribers from the listserv as seen fit.