Members Only Free, Members-only Webinar: Understanding the Massachusetts 401(k) CORE Plan for Small Nonprofits

Did you know you may be eligible to enroll your staff into a retirement plan offered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? The Massachusetts 401(k) CORE Plan was built for small nonprofits to help their employees save and invest for a financially secure retirement. The Commonwealth handles most of the administration, making this plan easy to offer.

Lisa Cardinal, Associate Sales Director of the MA CORE Plan, will help you understand the benefits of enrolling into the plan and whether your organization qualifies. During this webinar you will:

  • Understand the scope of this program and whether your organization is eligible to enroll into it.
  • Learn about the features of the Massachusetts CORE Plan.
  • Learn how the CORE Plan is different from other retirement plans and how it helps smaller nonprofits bring valuable benefits to their staff.

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Note: Nonprofits with 20 or less W-2 staff at the time of enrollment are eligible to participate in the Massachusetts CORE Plan. If you are interested in determining your eligibility but unable to attend this webinar, feel free to contact Lisa directly at