Members Only Free, Members-Only Webinar: Steps to Managing Stress


The past year has brought immense challenges upon individuals and organizations. During this hour-long session, learn how you can manage stress and adopt positive practices into your everyday routine. Join crisis counseling outreach staff of MassSupport to better understand the symptoms of stress, what “good” vs. “bad” stress looks like, and how you can incorporate daily techniques and practices to feel more relaxed in your professional and personal life. This webinar will feature a live Q&A segment at the end of the program.


In this session, you will learn about:

  • Symptoms of stress and what “good” vs. “bad” stress looks like;
  • How to use tools like reflection, regulation and relaxation to manage stress;
  • Breathing techniques for managing stress to incorporate into your everyday routine; and
  • Positive practices you can adopt right away to feel more relaxed.

Price: Free for Providers’ Council members


  • Lia Simonds, LCSW, M.Ed, RYT, Crisis Outreach Clinician, MassSupport
  • Eugene Rothman, MS/EM, Registered Paramedic, Crisis Outreach Counselor, MassSupport
  • Tia Russo, Veteran & Masters prepared Psychologist, Crisis Outreach Counselor, MassSupport

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Price: Free for members