Free, Members-only Webinar: Assemble High-Performing Teams through Role Clarity


In order to strengthen organizational performance and shape a stronger future, staff and leaders must work to achieve higher levels of clarity and functional focus. When everyone is clear on what they must deliver, the chances of success increase dramatically. The process of assembling high performing teams and efficient operations begins with establishing role clarity.

In this webinar, attendees will be trained on how to use the job post to establish clarity and accountability while identifying the training requirements and support systems needed to ensure goals are met. This method for success ensures that supervisors/managers can build a structure that aligns with their strategic plan and provides a foundation for change.

Learning objectives include:

  • Define the primary purpose of each job function within the organization;
  • Identify and prioritize which tasks are critical to job success; and
  • Establish a means of measuring individual performance, increasing accountability levels.

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Presenter: Eric Curtis, President & CEO, Curtis Strategies

About the presenters: Curtis Strategy is an Associate Member of the Providers’ Council and partners with leaders of nonprofit organizations to tackle their top challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Our purpose is to create positive change in the world through the success of our clients. At Curtis Strategy we drive the change and evolution of nonprofits into the future by working collaboratively with organizations to align the right resources, design innovative strategy, and create customized plans leading to future growth and sustainability. We specialize in Strategic Planning, Organization Design, Board Governance, and Merger and Affiliation (M&A) Strategy.