Members Only Free, Members-only Webinar: A Guide to Hiring Heroes

An estimated 1 million service members are expected to enter the civilian workforce in the coming years. The U.S. Military spends billions each year training these men and women, developing competent and highly motivated leaders. As a result, most vets emerge from their military careers with proven records of positive employment outcomes. This should be a wonderful source of star employees for our organizations, yet these heroes actually end up facing the biggest battles of their careers as they transition to the civilian workforce.

Michelle Reed, Chief Marketing Officer at SkillSurvey  (a business partner of the Providers’ Council) is joined by Theresa Mazzaro, a Talent Acquisition Leader from Johns Hopkins Health System who retired from the US Air Force after 23 years of service, to host this webinar and educate learners on how to best recruit talented veterans to their workforce.

By joining this members-only webinar, you will learn:

  • How to translate a veteran’s resume,
  • The benefits of hiring veterans and the barriers facing both you and your veteran candidates, and
  • Concrete strategies and online resources that will change the way your organization evaluates veteran candidates.

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