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Would you like to share your professional expertise by mentoring a future leader in the human services sector?

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The Leadership Initiative is a unique opportunity to increase your network in human services, expand your professional confidence, and learn from new perspectives.

What is The Leadership Initiative?

The Leadership Initiative is an inter-agency mentoring program that aims to grow future leaders in human services, retain the best talent within the sector, and create a collaborative environment among member agencies.

Mentors will meet with their mentees once monthly over the course of one year.

Who is eligible to participate as a mentor?

We’re looking for senior management-level professionals who would like to empower an emerging leader in the sector by sharing their knowledge and experience. Mentors serve as a resource and counselor to their mentees and help them accomplish defined personal development goals.  To grow our network of possible mentors,  we are gathering as many potential mentors as possible so that we can be sure each pair is a match both career goal wise as well as geographically.  The Providers’ Council would like to increase the amount of mentors in this pool substantially to ensure we can make the relationship between mentors and mentees as valuable as possible.

Who are the mentees?

Mentees are employees with supervisory responsibilities that would like to grow within their organizations. To learn more about who is eligible to participate as a mentee, click here.

Application Process

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and we are trying to build a pool of mentors to make appropriate matches when it is most convenient for you.

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See which of your sector colleagues have been mentors in the past.

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