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Profiles of Caring: The Human Services & Nonprofit Sector in Massachusetts

Author: Providers' Council

Publication Date: Aug. 01, 2009

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Massachusetts' social and economic strength is supported by strong families and communities, a prepared workforce, and an innovative spirit that addresses our economic and social needs.

Nonprofits develop our emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs, provide care for our families and children, and protect our most vulnerable residents. Nonprofits promote education and culture, advocate for a better environment, and engage citizens in policy issues. Nonprofits help to define the incredible character of the Commonwealth's communities and improve their quality of life. They also provide strong incentives for remaining in or relocating to our state.

Nonprofits strengthen our social fabric, and are essential to improving the quality of life in our state. They are an integral part of "what works" in Massachusetts. This report highlights the work of human service providers, a large portion of our state's nonprofits, and the impact they have on its residents and the economy. The report also includes data about all nonprofits in Massachusetts, which serve every resident of the Commonwealth.

The Providers' Council, the Human Services Providers Charitable Foundation and Public Consulting Group are pleased to present this report, completed in collaboration with the Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics and the National Council of Nonprofits. We thank you for your interest in this report and for doing your part to create caring communities in Massachusetts.