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We’re moving—and have furniture & other items to donate!

The Providers' Council is excited to announce that we are relocated to new offices at 88 Broad Street, Boston, MA 02210. The move will start this Thursday, Sept. 14 and as a result of disruptions to our phone and email services, we will be closed for business on Friday, Sept. 15. Providers' Council staff will respond to any inquiries we receive during the move at our earliest convenience, but we thank you in advance for your patience during this transition. Please make sure to update your address book to our new location!

As a result of the move, the Council has a variety of furniture, technology, and other odds-and-ends available for donation to other nonprofit organizations or for sale to businesses and individuals based on their best offer. All items must be claimed by Thursday, so please let us know if you are interested by emailing Kevin Gilnack.

Additionally, we have a conference room set that includes a table, credenza, and ten chairs that is for sale only. It is pictured below and you can read more about it at If you are interested, please email your best offer to

The items for donation include (items with asterisks are pictured below):

  • 8 assorted desks and tables*
  • 1 credenza*
  • 1 bookcase (this piece has two large drawers on the bottom and four spacious shelves; it has served us well but it is top-heavy and as you’ll see in the picture, has been supported by stacks of magazines under its front end. As with all items listed, we make no guarantee and take no liability regarding the quality of any items)*
  • Approximately 10 assorted office chairs
  • 2 vertical filing cabinets: one four-drawer metal and one two-drawer wood*
  • 7 horizontal filing cabinets*
  • A mini-fridge*
  • Partitions for two workspaces / cubicles*
  • One loveseat*
  • One plush chair*
  • One metal shelving unit
  • One keyboard (with round serial connection)
  • One mouse (with round serial connection)
  • One scanner, one printer (no drivers or software, as-is, but might work for the motivated techie)
  • One external CD-Rom drive
  • Left over branded sponsorship items:
    • About 150 pedometers from TD Insurance
    • About 50 drink cozies from Eastern Bank
    • About 20 messenger-style bags

These items must be picked up by Friday, and any unclaimed technology items may be recycled as soon as Wednesday. Larger furniture items such as the cubicle walls, metal shelving, and some desks may need to be disassembled and/or removed after business hours. Please email Kevin Gilnack if you are interested in any of these items.

Desks, Tables, & Credenza





Filing Cabinets and Shelving Unit





Mini-fridge, Loveseat and Plush Chair


Conference Room Set