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Versatile Providers’ eAcademy® tool allows customization, feedback

Getting useful feedback can make a world of difference for a trainer or course creator. Is the course information relevant or redundant? Is the course too long or lacking substance? Was the information presented in a way the learner can understand? Utilizing course evaluations can help you provide the most effective training material to your staff. 

One of the many tools included in the Providers’ eAcademy® program is a course-building tool. Course building allows participants to create their own trainings, upload content such as PowerPoint presentations and videos, or create and schedule in-person trainings and events. The newly designed courses can then be assigned to staff to take online or to track where and when they’ll be attending an in-person training.

The Course Evaluations feature allows organizations to get feedback on the trainings they create or schedule through the Providers’ eAcademy® program. Creating evaluations is highly encouraged as it collects important feedback for the course creator. It also gets staff members involved, giving them a voice in their learning and encouraging them to be active participants in their own training and development.

Course Evaluations can be mandatory or voluntary, anonymous or not. They can be as long or as short as needed and can include open-ended questions, multiple choice or utilize a rating scale. You can even build template evaluations that can be applied to multiple courses.

The Providers’ eAcademy® program was created to help staff be prepared to give their clients the best care possible. By making sure your content is relevant and useful through the Course Evaluations tool, you’ll give staff the skills they need to succeed.

For more information about the Course Evaluations tool, the Providers’ eAcademy® program or to request a demonstration of the system, please contact Christina Broughton at or 617.428.3637 ext. 125.