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Urge your U.S. Representative to support the America Gives More Act

After three major snow storms, some parts of Massachusetts are under a state of emergency, and human services agencies and other charitable nonprofits continue to help our state's most vulnerable residents with shelter, food and essential care during these difficult times.

Many nonprofits depend on charitable contributions to help them meet their mission and effectively serve the residents of the Commonwealth. And we can help them by urging Congress to approve critical legislation this week.

On Thursday, February 12, the U.S House of Representatives will vote on the America Gives More Act, H.R. 644, a bill that would restore and make permanent expired charitable giving incentives that promote:  

  • donations of nutritious food to food banks;
  • conservation of land; and
  • contributions from individual retirement accounts directly to charitable nonprofits.

The bill would also simplify the excise tax that private foundations pay, potentially freeing up more money for grants that could benefit the work being done by nonprofits. 

At the end of 2014, Congress enacted a short-term extension of these provisions, and that extension has already expired. The permanent extension of these incentives is critical to small nonprofits -- not only in Massachusetts but also across the nation.

We need our members to take action now!

Here is how you can help:

  1. Call your Representative's office today and tell them: "Vote Yes on the America Gives More Act, H.R. 644; the people who benefit from the work of nonprofits in our community need your support."
  2. Email your representative with any other information about how the expired giving incentives have helped your nonprofit care for one in ten Massachusetts' residents.
  3. Find your Representative's Twitter handles and tweet one of the following at them:

@_____ Vote Yes on the America Gives More Act and support the people who benefit from the work of nonprofits #protectgiving

@_____ Help our communities and the nonprofits that serve them: pass the America Gives More Act HR644 #protectgiving

@_____ communities served by #nonprofits deserve better. Make charitable giving incentives permanent

Time is imperative for H.R. 644 so we must act now!