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The Caring Force holds statewide meeting in Framingham

The Caring Force, a grassroots advocacy movement started by the Providers' Council, held a statewide meeting in Framingham on Thursday, February 14 where more than 60 people in attendance heard from Rep. David Linsky and members of The Caring Force.

Sheri McCann, the chair of the Providers' Council board of directors, welcomed people to the event and talked about the beginnings of The Caring Force. Council President/CEO Michael Weekes then introduced Rep. Linsky, who has been instrumental in the success of the Salary Reserve. He spoke to Caring Force members about advocacy efforts and the need to be visible on Beacon Hill through rallies, visits to legislative offices and calls to legislators. He also discussed the Salary Reserve for low-paid human services workers and how it remained one of his priorities in the FY '14 budget.

Linsky and  Weekes helped those in attendance by demonstrating how to meet with legislators through a bit of role playing. Weekes played a legislator, while Linsky pretended to be a constituent meeting with a representative and asking for support on certain issues. 

After Rep. Linsky spoke, three speakers told their own personal stories and explained why they were active with The Caring Force, including:

  • Lisa Carriere, NuPath, Inc.
  • Kormasa Traub, HMEA
  • Anne Fracht, Advocates, Inc.

Mike Moloney, chair of The Caring Force Committee, ended by talking about how far The Caring Force had come in a year and how much further it hopes to grow -- another 10,000 members -- in 2013. 

For questions about The Caring Force or this event, please email Kevin Gilnack.