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The Caring Force awakens in 2016 with 20,000 members

The Caring Force's Race to 20K by 2016 was a big success. Thanks to all who joined and to longtime members who recruited friends, colleagues, clients, consumers and family! TCF couldn't have done it without you. Congratulations to Kiriza Zihalirwa of Bay Cove Human Services, who has the distinction of being the 20,000th TCF member.

With that goal met, The Caring Force and the Providers' Council now turn our attention to the issues that will need action and advocacy in 2016. It's budget season on Beacon Hill, and time to make sure your programs are properly funded. We're also seeking options for more affordable health insurance for our members; supporting education bills to expand our popular Tuition Remission program and to institute a loan repayment program for low-paid human service workers struggling under the burden of student debt. And we're advocating for legislation that will help support and grow social enterprises throughout the state.

A strong Caring Force will be vital to the advancement of these issues and many others that are relevant to our sector, just as it was vital to last year's achievements.

More information about the Council's legislative agenda and policy work is available on our website. Questions about specific issues may be emailed to Christine Batista.