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State OSD maintains appeals procedures

The state Operational Services Division informed the Providers' Council late Friday afternoon that it will not make any changes to the appeals procedure as it had planned to do earlier this year.

OSD had sought to remove the "fundamental unfairness" appeals clause from its procurement procedures this year, but after discussion with members, the Providers' Council asked OSD to maintain the clause, allowing providers to file appeals based on "fundamental unfairness" in the procurement process. 

Thanks to the Council's advocacy and the work of its Business Practices Committee, OSD announced Friday they will not eliminate the fundamental unfairness clause from appeals and providers will still have the right to challenge decisions that they feel meet this standard. Download OSD's decision here as a PDF file.

Special thanks also goes out to Bill Lyttle and Ron Ardine from The Key Program and Council legal counsel Robert Cowden. They were both instrumental in the Council's efforts to maintain the fundamental unfairness appeals clause.