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State issues FAQ for Chapter 257 adjustments

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services on Monday sent a Frequently Asked Questions memo to a number of human services provider organizations who will be receiving a 3.75 percent payment contract for social service programs governed by Chapter 257 of the Acts of 2008 that do not yet have a regulation establishing a rate of payment.

The FAQ is available for download here. In order to process the first quarterly payments under the 3.75 percent Payment Contract by August 15, the state is asking providers to sign and return a portion of the contract by next Friday, July 3.

The state should communicate with organizations regarding their contracts that are eligible for a 3.75 percent payment contract. You or your organization's CEO should receive a list of your contracts that are eligible. If you believe your organization is eligible, but you haven't received an e-mail from the state, please contact

Other questions? Please contact Bill Yelenak.