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Salary Reserve campaign nears 1,000 letters to Reps!

The Providers' Council has been fighting for the last three days to support and override of Governor Deval Patrick's veto of the Salary Reserve. Patrick slashed the reserve, a fund for low-paid direct care staff, from $20 million to $10 million, and he changed language, giving workers a one-time payment of about $300 instead of the annualized $635/year raise approved by the Legislature.

The Council has sent Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo a letter, urging him to support an override of the Governor's veto.

Nearly 1,000 letters have already been sent to state representatives, asking them to sign onto a letter Rep. David Linsky has sent Speaker DeLeo, urging him to support the override.

Please join them and take action today! 

byelenak@providers.orgContact Bill Yelenak at the Providers' Council with any questions you may have.