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Income tax rate cut could hurt state’s most vulnerable

With Massachusetts' officials poised to reduce the state's income tax rate, the Providers' Council issued the following release highlighting the potential risks involved with reducing revenues at a time when the state is already anticipating a budget shortfall for the next fiscal year.

For more information about the Council's release or to arrange an interview with Council President/CEO Michael Weekes, please email Bill Yelenak or call him at 617.428.3637.


December 15, 2011

Income tax rate cut could hurt state’s most vulnerable

Human service clients could experience more cuts with loss of state revenue

BOSTON – State officials are preparing to certify a tax cut, and the elimination of more than $110 million in revenue could cause cuts to human services clients and mislead the public into believing that the state has more than enough funds to support its residents’ needs.

“As revenue officials are cutting the state’s tax rate and budget officials are pointing toward a difficult 2012, we are concerned that this move could end up hurting the one in ten individuals who receive vital human services from our state,” said Providers’ Council President and CEO Michael Weekes. “But we must not mislead taxpayers that we have more than enough revenue in a sector where nearly 60 percent of organizations have had cumulative deficits on their state activities since 1993.”

“We understand state residents need tax relief – many of those who are struggling with low wages are direct care workers in the human services system,” he added. “But we must ensure that cutting the state’s tax rate does not hurt our most vulnerable who receive essential supports from this chronically underfunded sector.”