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Providers’ eAcademy Skills Checklist tool helps ease tracking

New hire processes and competency assessments are important pieces of onboarding and training to ensure a smooth transition for new staff members into your organization and for current staff to show they have skills to perform their jobs correctly. The Providers’ eAcademy® system has a tool to streamline the processes involved in observing, recording and reporting these kinds of competencies so you can evaluate staff in a consistent and efficient way.

The Skills Checklist tool is a way to demonstrate staff meet certain criteria to complete job-specific tasks and requirements. Putting these checklists onto a learning management system (LMS) allows you to record these all in one place, reduces paper waste and decreases the chance of the assessments being lost in the shuffle. Skills Checklists can be assigned individually or be part of an organization’s group of required trainings or Training Plan. Assigning Skills Checklists through the LMS means staff and supervisors will get weekly reminders to complete them, relieving administrative staff the burden of sending out reminders themselves.

Administrators in the Providers’ eAcademy® program can also assign staff members as “observers” of the Skills Checklist so they can enroll staff and record their observations. Staff are able to view and print the criteria they need to meet on the Skills Checklist before observation. Both administrators and supervisors can run reports to export Skills Checklist data and compare compliance data across groups of employees.

The Providers’ eAcademy® program was created to help staff give their clients the best care possible. By ensuring your staff are meeting guidelines for certain procedures or requirements, you can feel confident in their ability to succeed at their jobs.

For more information about the Skills Checklist tool, the Providers’ eAcademy® program or to request a demonstration of the system, please email Christina Broughton or call her at 617.428.3637 ext. 125.