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Providers’ Council files three bills this legislative session

Providers’ Council legislative champions have filed three bills for the 2017-18 legislative session that make up the Council’s Pro-Workforce Legislative Agenda.

These bills will seek to increase health insurance options for providers and employees fulfilling state contracts by allowing them to join the Group Insurance Commission; help ease the burden of student debt for low-paid direct care workers in the human service sector; and start to bring salary rates for community-based nonprofit providers in line with the salaries of state workers who have similar jobs.

These bills are designed to help human services workers save money on health insurance, reduce their student loan payments and receive better wages.

The bills and their sponsors are:

  • An act relative to access to health insurance for human service providers & employees, sponsored by Sen. John Keenan and Rep. Kay Khan: This would allow providers access the state Group Insurance Commission (GIC) in an effort to increase options for buying health insurance products and controlling insurance costs. Read more.
  • An act establishing an education loan repayment program for human service workers, sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Flanagan and Rep. Jeffrey Roy: This bill would create an education loan repayment program for eligible direct care workers, allowing them to receive up to $150 per month for no more than 48 months to repay a qualified education loan. Read more.
  • An act relative to fair pay for comparable work, sponsored by Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry and Rep. Kay Khan: This bill would set a schedule to fully eliminate the pay disparity between state workers and those employed by private, community-based human services nonprofits who are doing similar work on behalf of the state. Read more.

You can learn more about our Legislative Agenda here. If you have questions about it, please email Bill Yelenak or call 617.428.3637 x122.