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Providers’ Council budget analysis, HHS breakout of select line items

As the Providers' Council receives new information on the FY '14 budget, it will go at the top of this page. Please bookmark it for details. For the oldest information, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

January 25 @ 9:30 a.m.

New EOHHS Secretary John W. Polanowicz sent out a message to colleagues on the FY '14 budget. You can download that message as a PDF here.

Please continue to let Bill Yelenak at the Providers' Council know if you have any questions about the FY '14 budget.

January 24 @ 3:30 p.m.

EOHHS has provided a detailed breakout of the Chapter 257 investments included in the FY '14 budget. The Governor's budget included a total of almost $140 million in support of Chapter 257, which includes the continuation of $20 million in spending that was initiated in FY '13 ("Year 2"), $59.3 million for the annualization of "Year 2" projects and $60.4 million in new funding for rate setting and rate determinations that will be implemented in FY '14. 

Please see this Excel file, provided by EOHHS, for detailed information.

January 24 @ Noon

Gov. Deval Patrick unveiled his FY '14 budget proposal yesterday. The proposal includes new revenue for several human services programs and some cuts in other areas.

The Providers' Council analysis of select line items in the budget -- containing line item numbers, account names, FY '13 projected costs, FY '14 proposed amounts, the variance and the percentage change -- is available for download. We are currently tracking selected line items from EOHHS, DHCD and Administration & Finance.

Line items included in the downloadable PDF file are from DVS, MCB, MRC, DYS, DTA, DPH, DCF, DMH, DDS, DHCD, ELD and ANF and include:

1410-0400; 4110-2000; 4120-2000; 4120-4000; 4120-6000; 4200-0100; 4200-0200; 4200-0300; 4400-1000; 4401-1000; 4408-1000; 4512-0200; 4512-0103; 4513-1020; 4800-0015; 4800-0038; 4800-0040; 4800-0041; 4800-1100; 5042-5000; 5046-0000; 5047-0001; 5095-0015; 5911-2000; 5920-2000; 5920-2025; 7004-0101; 7004-0103; 7004-0108; 7004-0110; 7004-2033; 7004-9024; 9110-1630; 9110-1633; 9110-1636; 1599-6901

In summary:

  • The Governor's budget contains about $140 million in funding to support the Governor's ongoing commitment to the implementation of Chapter 257. 
  • The budget did not contain a Salary Reserve for low-paid human services workers. The Council will continue following this line item and will work to ensure Chapter 257 rates are formed with an adequate salary for direct care staff taken into account. Inclusive of the 2.38 percent received in this year's Salary Reserve, the administration says Chapter 257 has included a salary increase benchmark of 7.9 percent.

If your organization is planning to make a particular request to increase one of these line items or there are other items you would like to see the Council track, please let Bill Yelenak know

We appreciate your continued support and advocacy, and we look forward to working with you throughout the budget process.