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PILOT bills sent to “study”

There were numerous bills filed in the legislature this year that had the potential to seek payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) from tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Were these bills to pass, they could have taken significant funding away from your organization's mission of providing critical services to the one-in-10 residents in the Commonwealth.

In June 2011, the Council testified in opposition to Senate Bill 1474 and House Bills 2552 and 3241, which had possible PILOT implications for human service providers. We are pleased to report that the Joint Committee on Revenue sent these bills to study last week. Fortunately, they will not be advancing this legislative year.

Preventing the advancement of these bills represents a significant victory for human service providers and other nonprofits, and the Council was pleased to act as your advocate through numerous meetings, written and oral testimony, and messages in the media. If you would like a copy of our policy statement on PILOTs, please click here.

The Council will continue to monitor similar bills and other actions in this manner. We know these efforts to divert revenue from serving clients and consumers will continue. 

If you need any information about PILOTs, please email Bill Yelenak.