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New member benefit available; SkillSurvey offers hiring help

The Providers' Council has established a new partnership with SkillSurvey, helping members streamline their hiring and on-boarding practices through its referencing, sourcing and healthcare credentialing technologies.

SkillSurvey offers a cloud-based, reference-checking tool that improves reference response rates, lowers first-year turnover and saves hours of staff time playing phone tag with candidate references. Nine Providers' Council members are already finding value in this resource.

Providers' Council members are eligible to receive discounts on SkillSurvey services and tools, including:

  • SkillSurvey Reference™, the leading online reference checking solution patented and proven to reduce turnover. This service provides immediately useful insights to help you make better hiring decisions.
  • SkillSurvey Source™, offers you a new way to build your talent pool. Those offering to be references and job referrals from the same industry or job role can opt-in to become passive candidates for your company.

To receive a free trial of SkillSurvey click here. For more information on pricing and/or a demonstration click here.

If you want information about the Council's business partnerships or have questions about how to become a member, please email Christina Broughton or call 617.428.3637 x125.