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New fundraising compliance resource

Did you know that your nonprofit may need to register in other states if it is asking for contributions from residents of those states? Or that something as simple as having a “donate now” link in your nonprofit’s e-newsletters that go beyond your state’s borders may equate to “fundraising solicitation” that triggers a registration obligation in some states?

Charitable solicitation laws vary widely from state to state and compliance can be confusing, costly and time-consuming. Providers' Council national partner, the National Council of Nonprofits, in partnership with Harbor Compliance, has created a new tool to help nonprofits navigate these tricky waters.

Charitable Solicitation Compliance: An explanation of state charitable registration requirements can help your nonprofit navigate the existing maze of state laws that regulate fundraising registration requirements. Why is this topic important? The National Council of Nonprofits starts with two reasons: An uptick of enforcement interest among state Attorneys General and existing state fundraising laws, which can cause lots of problems for nonprofits that solicit in more than one state.

Access the guide here.