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Gov. Baker signs FY ‘16 state budget

On Friday, July 17, Governor Charlie Baker signed the FY '16 state budget, making several vetoes.

Governor Baker's vetoes can be found on the state website. The Providers' Council is still reviewing the full list of his vetoes. In the meantime, some of Gov. Baker's vetoes to human services line items include:

  • EEC: Supportive and TANF Childcare (3000-3060): Reduced by $1.7 million to $219.9 million.
  • EHS: Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Services (4000-0007): Reduced by $2 million to $0.
  • DYS: Residential Services for Detained Population (4200-0200): Reduced by $500,000 to $26.7 million.
  • DTA: Emergency Aid to the Elderly Disabled and Children (4408-1000): Reduced by $2.7 million to $76.2 million.
  • DPH: Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (4512-0200): Reduced by $2.2 million to $96 million
    • Note from Gov. Baker reads: “I am striking language which earmarks funding for programs not recommended. The reduction in the item incorporates the amount of the stricken earmarked funds. I am filing for $27.8 million in new funding for substance abuse services and treatment in the FY15 year-end supplemental bill which prioritizes funding based on recommendations made by my Opioid Addiction Working Group.”
  • DMH: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (5042-5000): Reduced by $150,000 to $86.9 million.
  • DMH: Adult Mental Health and Support Services (5046-0000): Reduced by $875,000 to $374.5 million.
  • DHCD: Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (7004-9024): Reduced by $3 million to $87.9 million.

Please contact Bill Yelenak at the Providers' Council if you are concerned about any of these vetoes or the reduction in funding to any line items in the budget.

The Providers' Council thanks its members for their advocacy on the FY '16 state budget. We look forward to working with you soon.