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EOHHS releases provider allocation summary for FY ‘12

The Provider Allocation Summary and the Appeals Process for the $10 million FY '12 Salary Reserve have been posted to EOHHS has allocated 1.205% increases for applicable contracts.

As you will recall, this non-annualized Salary Reserve was established in a mid-year spending bill thanks to your advocacy, and the Council -- with your help -- will continue to advocate for a fully-funded annualized Salary Reserve in the FY '13 budget.

Should you have any questions about the Salary Reserve disbursement, you can contact EOHHS directly at (617) 573-1717 or email Should you identify any issues or areas where further advocacy may be needed, the Council is available to help; please email Kevin Gilnack for assistance.

Thank you again for your advocacy on behalf of our very deserving workforce. We look forward to continuing to work with you as the House begins debate of the FY '13 budget next week.