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EMAC assessment appeals deadline is June 30

The deadline to submit your appeals to MassHealth regarding the EMAC Supplement assessments has been extended to June 30.

Because of limited information available to the Department of Unemployment Assistance, this process allows employers to request a review of those employees who possibly should not have appeared on the EMAC Supplement list. This EMAC Employee Information Form (linked here) should be completed and submitted for each employee described below:

  • An employee is enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance for at least one month in the quarter for which the employer is being assessed the EMAC Supplement;
  • An employer believes that an employee for whom they are being assessed the EMAC Supplement does not qualify for MassHealth on the basis of their income;
  • An employer is assessed the EMAC Supplement for an employee age 16 or 17, whom they are unable to enroll in ESI because they are a minor;
  • An employee being assessed for the EMAC Supplement isn't a Massachusetts resident; or
  • An employee receiving health insurance coverage through a union.

The form must be sent to via secure email by June 30, 2018.

Providers' Council members that have questions about EMAC may email Bill Yelenak.