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Earned Sick Time to Go Into Effect July 1

After a ballot vote in November, visiting 11 cities in 25 days for public hearing and listening sessions and receiving 75 written comments, the Attorney General's Office has released the final regulations for the Earned Sick Time law on Friday, June 19. To read the regulations, click here.

Massachusetts is just the third state, with California and Connecticut, to mandate earned sick time and will have the most comprehension law in the United States. The law was passed by ballot initiative last November and has received support from many unions and workers throughout the Commonwealth.

The final regulations are set to go into effect on Wednesday, July 1, less than two weeks after their official release. Due to the short time frame, the Attorney General's Office has established a "Safe Harbor" provision, allowing extra time for organizations that already provide earned paid time off for full-time employees. However, those who do not provide any sick time must comply with the law by July 1 or face penalties.

If you have any questions about the new law and how it will affects your organization, please email Bill Yelenak.