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Drew Dudley keynotes Council’s 37th Annual Convention

Nuance Leadership Founder Drew Dudley delivered an inspirational message at the Providers' Council's 37th Annual Convention & Expo on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

Video from Dudley's speech will be posted in coming weeks.

He spoke about what makes a person a true leader, and when he asked those in the room how many consider themselves a leader, a small minority raised their hands. But through Dudley's talk, everyone in the room learned how they can be considered a leader every single day.

He also shared his story about "lollipop moments," and how something you do that you barely remember -- insignificant as it may be -- may have had a lasting and forever changing impact on someone's life. 

Dudley spoke for about 40 minutes to a packed room, which gave him a loud ovation at the talk's conclusion. '

For more on Dudley and the convention, visit in the coming weeks.