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Council quoted in Monday’s Boston Globe

Providers' Council President & CEO Michael Weekes was quoted in Monday's Boston Globe, discussing Governor Patrick's decision to veto $10 million in Salary Reserve funding.

From Monday's Boston Globe:

The governor also halved $20 million that had been provided to increase the salaries of human services workers who provide care for people with disabilities and the elderly, instead channeling the remaining $10 million toward a program that alters the way the state pays such workers.

“We’re talking about a matter of maybe $6 a week, or somewhere around a buck a day of an increase, which when you consider that annualized increase has not been provided since fiscal year ’08, I think it’s extremely disappointing,” said Michael Weekes, chief executive of the Providers’ Council, an association of health and human service agencies that lobbied for the raises. He said the association would be considering its future options.

The full article is available on our website. You can also download the Providers' Council's statement on the budget.

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