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Council discusses insurance claim in Boston Globe

In October 2014, the Long Island bridge closed, forcing hundreds of individuals who are homeless and people seeking addiction treatment to evacuate the island within hours. Agencies -- including Bay Cove Human Services, Victory Programs and Volunteers of America -- had invested thousands of dollars in treatment centers that clients no longer could access.

In an attempt to receive insurance money to begin replacing the beds and programs lost due to the bridge closure, some companies filed "business interruptions" with Philadelphia Insurance, the insurance company that covered agencies on the island. The claims, however, were denied and now human service providers continue to face an uphill battle in helping the Commonwealth's most vulnerable population.

On February 18, the Boston Globe ran an article with information about Philadelphia Insurance denying two of our members, Bay Cove Human Services and Victory Programs, insurance claims. To read the article, click here.

Later that day, the Globe reported that Attorney General Maura Healey's office would be looking into the issue. Providers' Council President and CEO Michael Weekes was quoted in that article saying, "We are disappointed but also surprised at their decision to deny the claims for these puts some of our members in a very awkward position, since they had absolutely no control or responsibility for the condition of the bridge.” To read the full article, click here.

The Providers' Council is actively working with our members on this issue. If you have any question, please contact Bill Yelenak at or 617.428.3637 x122.