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Council members & Mass. nonprofits send letter to Kerry

Nearly 240 nonprofits, many of them Providers' Council members, have signed onto a letter to Senator John Kerry, a member of the "supercommittee," asking him to protect the tax deduction for charitable giving that benefits so many nonprofits. The Providers' Council sent its own letter -- as well as the list of nonprofits -- to the senator on Monday, Oct. 17.

The Council also issued a press release on the campaign and was quoted in a news article.

The campaign, organized nationally by the National Council of Nonprofits, has resulted in nearly 2,500 nonprofit organizations across 49 states signing letters to legislators and asking them to protect the charitable deduction that encourages so many to give each year to nonprofit organizations. Massachusetts ranks second in the country in the number of letters sent to Senator Kerry.

"Massachusetts is nationally recognized as home to many nonprofits, and we are glad to see these organizations in our state participating in this national campaign. Protecting the charitable deduction -- and by extension, all the important work done by nonprofit organizations in our state -- is truly a cause worth fighting for."

Organizations can still sign the letter at the National Council of Nonprofits website.