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Council issues comments on ‘dual eligibles’

The Providers' Council on Monday, January 9, sent its comments on the State Demonstration to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Individuals to EOHHS Secretary Dr. JudyAnn Bigby. Download a copy of the Council's full comments here.

Among the Council's chief concerns was the fact that financial information for the state proposal was unavailable. "While the proposal is certainly clear on its goals and objectives," the Council wrote, "we need financial data in order to fully balance the equation created by the demands of this program and resources that are available."

The Council continued: "After our second request, we were told the 'detailed budget request is not part of the document we have released for public comment, but it will be included in the final document we submit to CMS.' We would ask that this appendix be made publicly available now and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services also solicit comments and thoughts on this important section of the plan."

For more information on the Council's comments on the dual eligibles proposal, email Bill Yelenak.