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Graduate-level certificate program deadline is this Friday

This Friday, August 1, is the deadline to apply for the Certificate in Nonprofit Human Service Management program! Read more below and apply for the program today!

The Providers' Council's Certificate in Nonprofit Human Service Management Program, now in its 13th year, is a year-long, graduate-level program designed for mid-career human service employees who seek to strengthen their management skills and discover new learning in a specialized, sector-specific program. With more than 370 graduates, this program is offered in partnership with Clark University in Worcester and Suffolk University in Boston. This year, based on feedback from graduates and their sponsoring agencies, the Providers' Council is pleased to announce key enhancements to the program's structure and curriculum in order to best provide students with the wide range of skills and knowledge they need to be successful in leadership roles.



The Certificate in Nonprofit Human Service Management Program will now consist of six mandatory blocks of classes, beginning September 2014 and ending June 2015. The extended program length will allow for students to explore additional crucial topics in greater depth.

Specifically, the enhanced program will include a brand new, comprehensive class on Alternative Revenue Strategies for Nonprofits, which will cover a variety of strategies for diversifying an organization's income and financial sustainability, including grant writing, fundraising, and social entrepreneurship. In addition, the extended program length will allow for an expanded focus on the important Legal & Ethical Issues for Nonprofits class. Other classes will include: Introduction to Nonprofit Human Service Management, Financial Management, Program Evaluation, and Human Resources Management

Additionally, the Certificate Program offered in partnership with Suffolk University will now be held on campus for five out of the six blocks. This move will better connect students with the university, provide them with cutting-edge technology to facilitate learning, and help those that are interested in continuing on to pursue their Master's degree following completion of the Certificate Program. Classes at Clark will continue to be held on campus.

Students successfully completing the Certificate Program at either school may be eligible to transfer credits equivalent to almost one-third of the credits needed for a Master's Degree in Public Administration, giving them a jump start on the credits, time, and cost associated with pursuing a Master's degree. With this added value, your organization's sponsorship of a Certificate Program participant is a much greater investment in your staff's professional development and growth.

To learn more about eligibility requirements and program schedules, or to apply now, please visit our website or contact Lore Stevens at 617.428.3637 x117.