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Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc.


418 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
Started in 2009

Referral Line: 617-801-4604

Doc Wayne Youth Services works primarily with low-income youth, ages 6-18 years, who suffer from a variety of mental health challenges and may have been victims of neglect, abuse, violent crime or sexual trafficking.  With the mission to fuse sport and therapy to heal and strengthen youth, Doc Wayne connects with youth through a sport-based therapeutic curriculum known as do the good®.  Doc Wayne’s sport-based programs are designed to promote a youth’s personal development, improve their capacity for pro-social relationships, and provide an experience that they can apply to all other aspects of their lives on and off the field.  With the addition of sport into individual and group therapy, Doc Wayne is able to provide a unique ‘hook’ that allows youth to actively participate in their needed therapy.

do the good® Curriculum

Do the Good (DtG) is about getting to a place on and off the field where youth are able to feel effective and relevant, while understanding they got there without doing harm to anyone else.  Youth are taught these DtG skills by trained clinicians and coaches who reinforce positive behaviors through sport.  These skills help assist youth in finding their positive-path to places where they feel successful and effective.  The DtG curriculum is based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the Attachment, Self-Regulation and Competency (ARC) Framework.  Using youth-friendly, slogan-aided language, and a behavioral and skills development focus, the youth will be able to understand and demonstrate these skills on a daily basis. 

Doc Wayne’s Programs

Chalk Talk Group Therapy: This 7-week group counseling provides a sport-based group therapy session through a partnership with Boston ASAP.  This non-traditional style of therapy allows participants male and female, ages 6-22, to be a part of an action-oriented counseling session, rather than traditional talk therapy.  Chalk Talk is designed to assist participants in addressing concerns of self-esteem, self-concept, anxiety, aggression, anger management, social awareness, and overall effective emotion management.

Therapeutic Sports Program: Doc Wayne offers four different seasonal sports (Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, and Soccer), each in a nine-week season in which youth from residential treatment facilities, group homes, therapeutic day schools, and other alternative schools participate.  Players, coaches, therapeutic referees, and Doc Wayne program staff create a therapeutic environment where the core do the good® skills and culture can be taught.

Global Life Empowerment: The Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program helps Doc Wayne participants stretch to a new level of competence and readiness in skills essential to their education, clinical, vocation, and social functioning.

We have powerful evidence that this approach works. A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Family Violence (2013), found that the Doc Wayne sports therapy program “had a significant positive impact on behavior and mental health in a diverse sample of adolescent girls across six residential treatment settings.” The principal investigator for the study noted that Doc Wayne “stands with few peers nationwide which can demonstrate such significant impacts with this population.”

Root Cause named us its 2014 Social Innovator in the category of “Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Mental Health Services.” In its award, Doc Wayne was cited for “changing the way youth access mental health services by providing an innovative and researched approach.”

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Practice Area

People with intellectual disabilities
People with physical disabilities
Victims of domestic violence
People with addictions

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Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc.

Founded in 2002

Budget Range

$250k - $1 mill



Clients Involved