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Members-only Webinar: The Benefits of Telematics in the Human Services Sector

Do you use telematics to manage your fleet? Do you want to provide the safest ride possible for the clients you transport? Join this webinar to learn more about telematics and how you can implement safe driving practices at your workplace.

Telematics is broadly defined as a way of monitoring the location, movement, status and behavior of a vehicle within a fleet. Those in the human services sector are driven towards telematics for one main reason: safety. Improving safety is a driving force for organizations in the business of transporting consumers throughout the day. It is imperative that safe driving is not simply a goal, but rather a part of the organizational culture.

Geotab, a partner of Enterprise Fleet Management (Endorsed Business Partner of the Providers' Council), is a global leader in telematics. Joe Cady of Geotab will talk about how telematics can help to create a culture of safe driving in your organization. Joe will share best practices collected from working with several clients in the human services sector. In addition, he will provide return on investment information collected from those successful clients.

During this webinar Joe will:

  • Define telematics and demostrate it's benefits.
  • Show how organizations can increase safety awareness and minimize risk.
  • Provide overview of an active solution.
  • Provide sample return on investment from operational expense reduction.

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